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Looking for help with your homework? Prepping for exams? TutorTree understands the difficulties of trying to balance education, work and life outside of school. Our Tutors have flexible hours and rates to align with your schedule and budget. Download the TutorTree app to connect with a Tutor instantly. We make finding a tutor one less thing to stress about.

Become a Tutor

Our platform allows you to help your peers in classes you have already excelled in. With the ability to set your own rates and hours, our Tutors are their own bosses. As a Tutor at TutorTree, you have the opportunity to build a business platform, gain valuable experience, and develop in-depth knowledge of course material while earning money!

Become an Ambassador

TutorTree ambassadors connect our mission with their campus. They observe the obstacles their peers face and help us cultivate a solution. Our ambassadors are the key to making an impact at their university. We believe in the impact of students helping students and the ambassadors strive to do the same.

Not a student?

TutorTree Welcomes Our Community


Having a strong support system is highly beneficial for a student's success, especially during the early college years. We want students to feel ready and confident in their work. TutorTree’s Prep Packs help students prepared by putting mental health first.

Returning parents, thank you for continuing to invest in your Student’s learning journey. Tutoring has shown increases in Student confidence and outcomes.


With the mission of being accessible for all students, it is important that our partnerships share the same values. TutorTree works with partners that cultivate the ideals of being diverse and inclusive. Our partners help represent our students and their needs.

If you own or represent a product or service that reinforces the TutorTree mission of reducing stress and the stigma of tutoring, we'd love to see how we can collaborate.


Professors are integral in our hiring process of potential Tutors. TutorTree values your endorsement to ensure we hire quality tutors. We encourage you to securely and privately upload a letter of recommendation for your applying student.

We welcome all professors to seek information about the courses we offer, how to add a course as an offering, and to recommend a student as a potential Tutor candidate.