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Do I Need a College Math Tutor?

College math is one of those things that you probably will not be prepared for - unless you are that genius from high school that everyone wished they could cheat off of. This was definitely true for me...the part about being unprepared.


The Real Cost of a College Tutor

College is rough. Not rough as in like “went to homecoming alone for four years in a row” kind of rough, more like “spending thousands of dollars on classes you skip because you’re too tired to get out of bed because you stayed up until 3am studying for the exams in your classes that cost you thousands of dollars.” Like I said- ROUGH. 


How Much Does a Tutor Cost?

Trying to determine how much a tutor costs can be challenging with so many options to choose from. Before we go into the cost of a tutor, let’s first outline a couple of things to consider when choosing a tutor.