Connecting with the community.

Our Partnerships

TutorTree works with companies, organizations and influencers to address our mission of destigmatizing private tutoring in a college setting. Our partners strive to be accessible to all communities and value the ideals of a higher education. They contribute knowledge, creativity and support in helping TutorTree make a difference.

The N.E.S.T

The Neighborhood Eugene Sustainability Team (The N.E.S.T ) is a brand focused on inspiring people to do more, while using less. The brand is focused on the retail of curated vintage apparel for college students at the University of Oregon. It's one of the few places where you're guaranteed to find a t-shirt older than you are.

Purpose: Collaborate with a local brand that has a similar target audience and reach to create brand awareness on campus

Process: TutorTree x The N.E.S.T photoshoot, Instagram giveaway, product collaboration

Result: 100+ retained followers, new app user, marketing content

Video Credit: Maxwell MacEachern

Up&Up: Oregon

The Up & Up Festival series gives students a resourceful platform to promote and produce unforgettable concert experiences within their campuses. This has provided a voice for passionate students by creating a community and culture through each event.

Purpose: Connect with a larger platform to raise brand awareness and promote an event for one our participating campuses

Process: social media promotion, company name on headline, video advertisement during the livestream for the college students, giveaway

Result: 180+ students reached