Our Roots.

As a company founded by two college students, TutorTree exists on the foundation of being for students. Undeniably there is a stigma in our society of being in college and needing a tutor. Whether it be lack of time, money, accessibility or even pride, students are being held back from receiving the proper help they need in order to academically succeed.

In the fall of 2018, economics student Eli Ackerman had enough. While searching for answers on how to get through his calculus sequence, all he could find were overcrowded tutoring centers with too many students and very few tutors.

"I didn't have enough time to find, vet and schedule a private tutor. I was a college student - I had studying to do!"

With not enough time, money or accessibility, Eli knew there had to be a better way to find quality tutoring on campus. He teamed up with one of the university's most prominent peer-tutors Adrian Martushev. TutorTree was born and the evolution of tutoring began.

The duo spent the next two years building and crafting a business. With a background in computer science, Adrian was able to be build a sustainable platform that he could pitch to investors. In July of 2020, he succeeded in finding his first investor and turning the evolution into a reality.

The Growth.


Awards and Competitions