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College During COVID

10 Things to Help Get you Through College During COVID

Friends and family constantly want to give advice on how to balance school and social life in college. But what happens when there’s a global pandemic thrown into the mix?

No one was prepared for that.

From my own experience, I can honestly say it could be worse. As someone who watched their college graduation on TV from the couch in their pajamas, you can basically consider me an expert in this category.

Here are 10 things to help you get through college during COVID:

1. Wear a mask

I’m sure you have heard this a thousand times, but it seriously could not be more important. Not only does a mask protect yourself, but it protects those around you. The average person interacts with about 12 people a day, so we are constantly cross contamination with everyone we come into contact with. This is especially important for college students to note because you are in a very social environment and interact in close proximity. Please be sure to wear a face covering - it's the new look of 2020 anyways.

2. Learn a new skill

This has undoubtedly become the most popular tip of 2020. With the world shut down and being stuck at home, there’s no excuse for not picking up a new hobby. Whether it’s reading a book, cooking/baking, journaling, painting, enhancing your professional skills...the options are endless. As college students, this is the perfect time to start getting the ball rolling with your career. There are so many virtual opportunities and masterclasses online that can take your skill sets to the next level. Don’t let quarantine get the best of you...make the best out of quarantine.

3. Look beyond the parties

If we all know one thing about COVID, it's that it spreads...fast! There is, and honestly was, no need for crowded basement parties. Imagine how many people would get infected...no thanks. Take it from me, you’re not missing out. Take advantage of an outdoor, distant gathering - way cleaner, and more safer and enjoyable. This is your opportunity to really appreciate the amazing things life has to offer and to not take for granted what is right in front of you.

4. Your professors WILL struggle

How many of you have a non-tech savvy professor? *raises hand* We are all adjusting, including your professors. Going from a 50-100+ person lecture to a virtual class where everyone is sitting at home is new and weird. Take it easy on your professors and they honestly will take it easy on you too. They are just as zoom fatigued as you. They have to deal with keeping a class engaging and interesting while dealing with hundreds of college students.

5. Take time to appreciate smaller moments

Can’t go out to a bar on the weekend and spend $100 on drinks and an uber anymore? Honestly, that doesn’t sound that bad. A night in with your close friends/roommates with dinner, wine and games is just as fun - and it’s a lot cheaper. COVID has made us redirect our intentions to intimate gatherings and activities. You start to better appreciate the people around you and the moments you can spend together. No more taking for granted the simple nights in, or walks on the beach. Be grateful for what is still accessible.

6. Download dating apps

Ok, not everyone is about the dating app life, but times are changing nowadays. Is it just me or has everyone you noticed gotten a boyfriend or girlfriend during quarantine season? I can guarantee - half of these relationships stemmed from online dating. Being stuck at home has broken the stigma around dating apps because you can no longer go out and meet people! There’s no harm in chatting with someone online and having a few zoom dates. You never know who you can find until you start looking.

7. Remember - you are prepared!

Although at times it may not seem this way, your generation is filled with technology pros. You have been on top of the tech trends since the very beginning. People of all age groups all over the world are adjusting to online everything. Many companies are noticing how much work can actually get done virtually. As daunting as online classes may seem, you are ready. There are so many resources available too that can help guide this process, such as TutorTree!

8. Self care

Quarantine is very challenging and it’s okay to have some “off” days. But you can’t let it take over your life. You need to be accountable for your health and wellbeing by staying active, eating right, and caring for yourself. Find something that makes you feel at peace - whether it's doing yoga, taking a bath, reading, doing a face mask, going on a run, whatever it may be, make time for yourself. You deserve it. Times are tough, for everyone.

9. Don’t need to skip class

Class could literally not be easier to attend. No more dreadful walks in the rain or sweaty walks in the heat, you just have to get up, open your computer, and bam - you’re there. With a cup of coffee on your desk and a snack in hand, class could be A LOT worse.

10. Get up and get movin’

Not going to lie, this is easier said than done. Quarantine can really have an impact on self-motivation, but you just need to keep reminding yourself to get up and get active. It is so important for your overall mindset to go outside and get your heart rate pumping. There are so many resources online for free exercise classes, there really shouldn’t be an excuse. Working out gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy, so get up and get happy...and wear a mask!

On behalf of TutorTree, please stay safe and practice social distancing. We care about our community and want to make sure everyone is staying healthy and taking all the right precautions. Remember, virtual help from us is ALWAYS accessible. We are here for you!