How Do I Connect with a College Science Tutor?

How do I connect with a college science tutor?

I have so many questions and that’s not even the biggest problem.  Do I really need a tutor or am I just being lazy?  I’m just having a rough time and if I put in a bit more effort things will work out just fine!  It’s really not my fault that I have such a terrible instructor who doesn’t know how to teach me…  How do I even find a qualified tutor?  I’ll just stick it out and a passing grade is better than nothing!

Fast Forward to the End of the Term and my transcript report comes back with a F/NP in biology.  Now I have even more questions… and still no answers!

Question: Do I really need a tutor or am I just being lazy?

Fact: I wasn’t being lazy.  

I was overloaded and rather than admitting I needed help, I pushed myself too far and it didn’t end well.  

Myth: Asking for help is considered a weakness.

FALSE AND I WOULD REALLY LOVE TO MAKE THIS NOT A THING.  Knowing your strengths and when to ask for help is actually considered a sign of intelligence and self care.  It takes a courageous person to know how to utilize their resources (asking for help *hint hint*) and putting their own needs first.  

I wish I was taught this early on in school rather than learning it the hard way by having a complete breakdown.  Learning how and when to ask for help before I got myself in over my head actually saved me from the embarrassment of failure later on.  Get to know yourself and be okay with asking for help.  Everyone will need help at some point in time and THAT IS OKAY.

Question: Do I need to retake this class?

Fact: This was a required class for my major so I didn’t get a choice.

I had to retake and pass this class no matter what or I would need to pick a new major and start over.  Maybe that’s not the case for you which means you can just move on and forget about this whole ordeal!

Myth: This is the end. I am a failure. I did so many things wrong.  

One grade, one class, one test even...DOES NOT DEFINE YOU.  There are always lessons to be learned from the experiences life puts us through, so try to find the silver lining!  It may take some time (years even) to realize the benefit of the challenges and failures we experience, but they happen for a reason. 

I’m gonna get really deep and personal here for a second.  It took me 5 years to finish college and that was already a hard pill to swallow considering that I had friends graduate in 3 years...with double majors even...STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS.  

Everyone has their own challenges and personal experiences in college and comparing yourself to others as a measure of success is absolutely toxic.  Did you do your best today? Then that is good enough!  

We constantly beat ourselves up for watching netflix or taking a day off when we *could’ve* been studying, but in truth we really need that mental rest!  Whole body self care includes giving yourself a break from all the hard work you are already doing and giving yourself the grace to take some time off.  

There is such a thing as TOO MUCH STUDYING.  

Science even shows that after a certain point, continuing to study when you’re exhausted can lead to worse performance outcomes!  Seriously, take a break and give your brain a break from all of the hard work it does all day.

Yes, I failed biology and had to retake the class...I still graduated top of my class and was even chosen as the commencement speaker by faculty in my school’s department.  I’ll let you take a guess about the topic of my commencement speech...That’s right! FAILURE IS OKAY and failure teaches us our most important life lessons.  Failure was the best defining moment of my life.

Question: How do I even find a science tutor?

Fact: This can be challenging no matter what school you attend.  

Even if your school has lists of tutors and even might provide free tutoring for some courses, what if they don’t have anything for that specific course?  TutorTree can help!  Connect with a college tutor for your course instantly through our app, and if we don’t have a tutor for the course you need, we’ll make it a high priority to find you one ASAP. Ask your course instructor and reach out to friends in class.  At the bare minimum, form a study group and help teach each other!

Myth: People will judge me for meeting with a tutor.  

People will judge you for just about anything and that’s a very sad truth.  One of the key things that TutorTree is able to provide for you is online (or in-person in a non-COVID world) private tutoring!  There’s no pressure and stress of other people knowing.

Let’s all work together on breaking down this stigma that getting a tutor is a bad thing.  I failed biology.  I retook biology with a tutor.  I passed the course with an A-.  Then I ended up tutoring biology for 4 years because for some odd reason… my tutor...I was really good at the course material and fell in love with teaching it!

Question:  What if I can’t afford a tutor?

Fact: Finances can be a huge barrier to success.  

While most colleges offer some sort of free tutoring services, it may not cover the specific subject that you’re actually needing help in.  The TutorTree Foundation can help provide free tutoring to students who see cost as a barrier to their successful education.  

Additionally some of our TutorTree Tutors really want to help offer low cost tutoring at as little as $10 an hour! They are not providing a “cheap” service, they want to make sure tutoring is something that is accessible to ALL students.

Myth: Tutoring isn’t worth the cost.  

Okay, so in the moment, it might seem like a huge expense to pay for a tutor, but if that’s the case, ask yourself this - “what’s it going to cost to retake the course in tuition and fees?”  I bet you the answer is going to be “a lot more expensive.”  

But summer courses are cheap right? Maybe and maybe not...It’s definitely worth looking into but at my university, to retake my biology course over the summer I was looking at $2000+.  My tutor when I retook the course the following year barely cost me $200.  That is a MASSIVE difference. 

The Final Fact: I loved my college science tutor

We all need a little help sometimes and a small thing like tutoring can go a long way in terms of spectacular outcomes.  I truly wouldn’t be the person I am today without my college science tutor.  So go be awesome and show the world you aren’t scared to better yourself by asking for help.  Get that tutor, get that knowledge, and go get that bread!