How Much Does a Tutor Cost?

Trying to determine how much a tutor costs can be challenging with so many options to choose from.  Before we go into the cost of a tutor, let’s first outline a couple of things to consider when choosing a tutor.

Finding the Tutor that is right for you.

First, determine what you’re looking for in a Tutor.  Five things to consider are:

  1. What kind of time commitment can you make?  Different Tutors offer a wide range of meeting times and cadences for tutoring.  Do you want someone who meets with you several times a week to keep you accountable? Or perhaps you prefer a 15 minute session as a gut-check on your work.  Whatever your time availability is, be honest with yourself about what you can and can’t do, and upfront with your Tutor.

  1. What’s your learning style? Knowing your learning style can hugely contribute to whether or not you mesh well with a tutor.  Are you someone who could listen to a podcast from your Tutor and get the concept?  Maybe you prefer seeing the concepts on a virtual whiteboard and then trying it for yourself.  Don’t know your learning style?  Click here to find out.

  1. What setting is best for your learning style?  Are you someone who thrives on interaction -- even virtually-- with others?  If so, a group learning session might be a good fit for you.  Do you find that you do better when you get one-on-one support?  Private tutoring through TutorTree is a great resource to help assist in any of the settings that will best help you succeed.

  1. What problem are you trying to solve?  We aren’t talking math here.  Although, we have Tutors who specialize in a wide variety of math courses.  Instead, we are asking you this:  are you seeking help for homework? Exams? Supplementary learning?  Knowing what you want to accomplish will help you get matched with a Tutor who will align with your goals and needs.

  1. How much is your time worth? If you are really struggling with a course, is it worth it to invest an hour or two a week with a Tutor?  As opposed to re-taking a course? Or dropping it?
I just want help with my homework, thanks.

Cool.  If you just want help with your homework, then you can book a couple of half hour sessions every week.  Tutors typically charge $20 to $25 per half hour. So, if you booked an hour, you’d be looking at $40 to $50 investment.  

I freeze up on exams, so...yeah.

Totally normal.  A huge percentage of students just like you freeze up on exams.  We get it.  If this is what you’re struggling with, then meeting with a Tutor prior to and after your exams, might be the best option for you.  Prior to an exam, the Tutor can not only help you study and prep, but also work with you to develop tools to succeed during test taking.  After the exams, check in with your Tutor to review what worked and what didn’t, so you can both improve your process going forward.  Cost for exam prep varies.  You can book TutorTree sessions as a bundle.  Or, you can book a half hour or more for a single session.  

Um, how do I know I’m getting my money’s worth?

Yeah, this is a big one.  How do you know you’re getting your money’s worth?

Your Tutor should be doing a number of things to help you including:

  • Supplementing learning and engaging with your individual needs.
  • A tutor is NOT someone to just help you with your homework.  A good tutor will ask questions. They’ll help you tackle the areas where there are knowledge gaps.
  • You will build a plan together on how to succeed and start implementing habits to help achieve your goal.

Keep in mind that private Tutors come at all levels!  Most peer-to-peer Tutors find that they excel in a particular subject area.  They often help explain concepts to friends or classmates who are also studying the same topic.  College faculty may also offer private tutoring to help students succeed in their studies.  Most tutors enjoy teaching and find that helping others learn is a rewarding experience.  

OK, so what should my Tutor be charging me?

Right.  Back to the original question.  How much does a Tutor cost?  For the most part, Tutors charge around $40 to $50 per hour.  The pricing is based on their knowledge, skills, and experience with a given subject.  You can read more about average costs here.

A private tutor who is a trained educator and teacher at an institution is likely to charge on the higher end for their services. They likely have professional training and experience as a teacher and therefore their time is more valuable.  A peer tutor might charge as little as $10 an hour if they feel that they can help fellow college students out by providing a low cost tutoring option!  

Most TutorTree Peer-to-Peer college Tutors charge around $45 per hour, and are highly vetted.  

How do I know I can trust the TutorTree Tutors to help me succeed?

Our Tutors have to pass a rigorous interviewing process, as well as provide transcripts and a faculty letter of recommendation to even be considered as a prospective candidate.  They are also held to a Tutor Code of Conduct.  We expect our Tutors to be able to demonstrate high proficiency in their subject areas of focus, and teach them effectively. Additionally, they Tutor at colleges that they’ve attended to ensure familiarity with the nuances of the school, its Professors, and its coursework.

Worth it? Yep.

There you have it!  Tutoring is a dynamic relationship that depends on the need of an individual and the value that they place on a given skill set.  It’s up to you to decide what you feel your academic and learning needs are and what you are willing to pay for them, and matching that of a tutor who has similar ideals about the services they are providing.  TutorTree aims to provide peer to peer tutoring for courses on college campuses as a way to provide more resources to students.

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