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The Real Cost of a College Tutor

College is rough

Not rough as in like “went to homecoming alone for four years in a row” kind of rough, more like “spending thousands of dollars on classes you skip because you’re too tired to get out of bed because you stayed up until 3am studying for the exams in your classes that cost you thousands of dollars.” Like I said- ROUGH

In high school, the expectations were low. Let’s face it- everyone knows high schoolers are assholes. College is completely different. You get this beautiful, liberating, inspiring freedom to do whatever you want with your life. 

Now you’re a real adult. But in reality, it’s only been three months since the biggest thing happening in your life at school was being named Prom King and Queen. 

In college, expectations are higher. No one is going to hold your hand along the way. You have to get yourself to class, you have to keep track of your assignments, you have to know your due dates, you have to bring your own supplies, and some professors even make you print your own assignments and exams! And that’s just academics. 

If you didn’t have bills before, well, you probably do now. And what goes hand-in-hand with bills? Jobs. Which, at this point in your lives, probably aren’t the best. And what do college jobs and tough classes have in common? They stress you out and take up all of your time! 

So where are we at now?

  • Failing classes
  • Low-wage job
  • No time or energy for friends

Yep, that sounds about right! 

BUT- it doesn’t have to be this way.

You need time management, self-care and most importantly, to know when to ask for help. 

There is a stigma, amongst many, in our society that tells us adults that we should not, cannot, ask for help. This resistance to ask for help is engrained as a sign of weakness or lack of intelligence - asking for help is actually a sign of self understanding and confidence. As college students we feel like we must suffer, because that’s just what college students do. That is SO wrong. 

Suffering is never normal, even if it’s what past generations have chosen to normalize. Take care of yourself. Chill out for a minute. Then - get shit done. 

Find simple ways to make your life easier. 

One of the best solutions is to find a tutor. Take advantage of the free resources available to you but if the line to see a free tutor takes longer than waiting for your takeout order or that you just can’t meet during the times these options are available due to the chaos of college, we’re here to help. I am not talking about the services in the library where there is one tutor trying to help 20 students all with different majors. Get a private tutor that can help you 1:1. 

Finding a private tutor costs more than just money though- it costs time, motivation, energy and effort. All of those things that we have already established are on a hypothetical downward trajectory. Finding a private tutor also takes self understanding to say, “Hey I don’t know this material too well but I know I can improve and finding a private tutor is a good way to learn the material well in a short amount of time”

With all of this going on in your crazy life already, the last thing you need is a difficult road to your solution. You need to find the best tutoring service with a minimal overall cost. 

Know that you have options. Having a tutor is an investment in your future. Receiving tutoring services can not only help you with academics and time management within your life- finding the right tutor can benefit your mental health as well. Make sure you pick the right provider. 

A great tutoring service will have: 

  • Flexible availability 
  • Prices any college student can afford 
  • A diverse set of courses 
  • Qualified tutors 
  • Tutors that serve not only as instructors, but mentors 
  • Easy accessibility 

It seems almost impossible to find a company that will check all of these boxes at a minimal cost and conveniently. If the tutors are highly qualified, the prices are too high. If the prices are low, the availability is too restrictive. If the availability is flexible, the courses are too exclusive. 

It’s a vicious cycle of checks and balances that prevents you from finding your solution.