What Should I Expect from Tutoring?

What should I expect from tutoring?

Whether you are a student or a tutor, you might ask yourself these questions: “What should I expect from tutoring if I am a student?” And, “What should I expect from tutoring if I am the tutor?” I’m here to help you answer both!  Check out all of the amazing tutors that work with TutorTree and start your journey today as a student or tutor.

First: Communicate

This is important to make sure that everyone is on the same page in terms of goals and how to get great productive outcomes. Each student and tutor relationship is unique and requires a discussion about how the student learns best and what needs they are looking for. 

Most tutors won’t just sit and help you do your homework, they’ll take you on a journey that dives into the course material and facilitates a deeper learning of concepts. Students should have an idea of where they may need extra help or goals that they want to achieve by the end of a course. 

Tutors need to know what these needs are so they can tailor the approach of their session to maximize time efficiently. The planning and execution of a tutoring session requires engagement from both the student and tutor, so get ready to start chatting! 

If you’re the student, expect to have the tutor ask you questions about your goals. As the tutor, expect the student to have some questions ready to go. It helps if you know your learning styles so you can plan accordingly.

Second: Learn

As a student and a tutor this will always ring true. Expect to learn something in your tutoring session- the whole point of tutoring is to learn!  While the main focus of the session is to help the student achieve their academic goals, the tutor will also do a significant amount of learning as well.

Over time, skills and delivery of a tutoring session will change as the tutor adjusts their teaching tactics for different students. This provides a life long learning experience for both the tutor and student as they connect and communicate about what drives their passion for a topic.

As a tutor, the ultimate goal is to leave an impression on students about how fun learning can be. (That’s probably why they decided to become a tutor in the first place, they love helping people learn!) TutorTree is a great opportunity to connect with students and help them achieve academic success. 

Third: Mistakes are Okay!

This is so daunting for most people and that’s okay.  Let’s be proud of the learning experiences that we go through when we make mistakes. Throw all of those negative thoughts out the window! 

Judgement comes from the opinion of others and does not define you.  

Disappointment often comes from within when we feel like we’ve let someone down; we are so hard on ourselves and we need to be kind and give ourselves the grace to be okay with our mistakes. In most cases, you gave it your all and that’s what truly matters. 

Think back on your most embarrassing blunders and mistakes that seem to be haunting you. Now look at the chain reaction that happened, how you’ve changed, all of the amazing things that occured because of that learning experience you had. Then take a deep breath.

Positive mindset can drastically change the way we view the world and there are always two sides to the coin. As Elenore Rosevelt once said, “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” 

Let’s do a quick check in on all of the things we’ve already accomplished and celebrate our success. We’ve discussed how to communicate and how that leads to better learning. We also learned that it’s okay to make mistakes and how to view them as a positive opportunity for learning. Now let’s take those things we’ve already learned and keep going and build them up!

Fourth: Growth

When you attend a tutoring session you are ultimately going to grow as a person in all aspects of your life. You’ll add to your arsenal of awesomeness, skills in communication, knowledge, critical thinking, confidence in both your academics and social life, and retrospective appreciation for learning. 

This requires having an open mind and being willing to challenge yourself to utilize ALL of your resources. It’s called having a growth mindset. With this outlook on learning, there are no limits to what you can accomplish. 

You’re going to develop into your amazing intellectual-self who views the world differently than when you started. This applies to both students and tutors who learn and grow together throughout their tutoring sessions together.

Lastly: Have Fun

Learning, school, studying, and life should all be fun. It’s what you make of it and a great tutor will be able to make the material relatable, relevant, and fun! 

Understanding that you are pursuing an education because you want to is what makes it exciting. You’re in control of the choices you make and the outlook you have, so make it enjoyable! Not only will you create a bond as a student/tutor, you can talk about your daily life too. 

It’s important to have a social interaction during your tutoring session so it’s not just an hour of someone lecturing -  that’s what the class room is for!

You should expect all of these things and more in a tutoring session. Tutoring isn’t just homework help - it’s a process of growing and learning together and a student and tutor work in sync to develop and refine skills in communication and critical thinking.  Be honest with yourself and others and think about how much you can learn from this experience.